PyCon SK 2017

Tibor Arpáš (SK)

Programátor na voľnej nohe s 10-ročnými skúsenosťami s tvorbou firemných aplikácií (enterprise software). Aktuálne zamestnáva subdodávateľov a poskytuje outsourcing malých vývojárskych tímov pod hlavičkou Jazyk Python objavil v roku 2007 a odvtedy je to jeho primárny programovací jazyk. Má rád outdoorové športy, obľubuje lietanie bez motora (plachtenie).

Tibor Arpáš

Jona Azizaj

Jona Azizaj (AL)

I am Jona, a third-year student of Business Informatics at University of Tirana, Albania. I am a member of Open Labs Hackerspace where I am involved in many open source projects that we promote, such as GNU/Linux, LibreOffice, Mozilla, Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap etc. I am also a co-organiser of Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL). I am also part of the Fedora Project and I am a Fedora Ambassador in Albania. I have organized different events at my university regarding Python and worked on different Python programming projects like event analytics to understand the impact of events on the community.

Jakub Balas (GB)

I'm a self-ascribed backend/devops developer, currently providing consultancy services for various companies. Python might not have been the very first language I've used but it has definitely influenced my professional life in a great way. The Python community has always been so helpful, so now I'm on a quest to give something back. If I'm not deep in code, I enjoy listening to and creating music, gaming, and I take my fishkeeping hobby almost to a professional level.

Jakub Balas

Christian Barra

Christian Barra (PL)

Curious, adventurer, wanna be statistician @UniPadova and data skeptic. @europythons board member and @europython organizer. Founder of and Microbit:Polska project !

Miroslav Beka (SK)

Vyštudoval som aplikovanú informatiku na FMFI UK odbor umelej inteligencie. Tam nastalo prvé stretnutie s Python-om pri písaní diplomovky. Odvtedy je Python môj primárny jazyk. Programujem v ňom všetko. Po viacerých pracovných skúsenostiach ako backend developer som sa dal na dráhu automatizovaného testovania. Hlavne preto, lebo ponúkala veľa výziev a zároveň som mohol uplatniť svoje programatorské skúsenosti. Posledné 4 roky som pracoval ako Test Automation Engineer a za tento čas som nazbieral mnoho skúsenosti z oblasti automatizovania, programovania v Pythone ale aj z oblasti DevOps.

Miroslav Beka

Anino Belan

Anino Belan (SK)

Anino Belan je učiteľ na Škole pre mimoriadne nadané deti a doktorand na FMFI UK v odbore Didaktika matematiky. Píše skriptá z rôznych oblastí matematiky a informatiky, väčšina z nich je dostupná na webe.

Andrej Blaho (SK)

Pôsobí na Fakulte matematiky, fyziky a informatiky Univerzity Komenského v Bratislave. Spolupracuje pri budovaní predmetu informatika v primárnom, sekundárnom a terciárnom vzdelávaní. Je autorom mnohých učebníc programovania a spoluautorom softvérových prostredí Imagine Logo, Cirkus šaša Tomáša a RNA. Andrej je členom predmetovej komisie informatiky pri Štátnom pedagogickom ústave a Slovenskej komisie Olympiády v informatike.

Andrej Blaho

Vladimir Boza

Vladimir Boza (SK)

Lead ML engineer interested in hard problems requiring interesting solutions. I am big fan of clever heuristics, probabilistic algorithms or any interesting efficient algorithms. Few year ago, I co-founded Black Swan Rational, a boutique data science consultancy. We worked on projects like CV for detecting clouds in the sky, analysis of electrical smart-meter data, analysis of M&A data. I was leading a small team of three researchers. Before BSR, I helped to start Brainhouse and was mostly doing personal projects or Kaggle competitions (and I placed very well in few of them). I did two Google internships during my early university studies. First one was in Google alerts team. Second one in shopping search quality team, where I was running experiments trying to improve search quality. Meanwhile, I am finishing PhD in Bioinformatics focusing on processing DNA sequencing data (mainly genome assembly and efficient data structures). I teach machine learning at Comenius university. Also, I was a leading organizer of KSP for three years. KSP is programming/algorithmic competition for high school students.

Anton Caceres (DE)

Self-employed Python developer, organizer of PyMunich, PyConDE 2016, PyConWEB 2017. Using Python since 2010. Always happy to learn and share.

Anton Caceres

Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez

Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez (ES)

(Almost) Aerospace engineer working as a Data Scientist. Chairing the Python Spain non-profit since 2014, organizing PyCon Spain since 2013 and doing outreach about Python, Open Source and free culture at Pybonacci since 2012. Interested in using technology and programming as tools for a better world and a more diverse and inclusive society. Avid traveller, pizza eater and 70's hard rock fan.

Rodolfo Carvalho (BR)

Rodolfo is a software developer at Red Hat, where he works on OpenShift, the open source container platform. On his free time, he organizes weekly coding dojos in Brno, Czechia, sharing communication, programming, testing and designing skills.

Rodolfo Carvalho

Razvan Chitu

Razvan Chitu (RO)

I am a passionate hacker, student, open source contributor and recently a freelancer. I am very fond of communities and so I am part of multiple ones and always looking to meet new people. I'm active in open source environments where I both contribute and try to help others by offering advice on hacking, organizing hackathons, presentations and other events.

Michal Cyprian (SK)

I was born in the heart of Slovakia (Banská Bystrica). I am a student at Brno University of Technology and I work as an Associate Software Engineer at Red Hat. I am involved in the effort of moving Fedora to Python 3 as default, automated generating of Python RPM packages from PyPI and a few more projects. I am highly interested in various events and conferences related to Python, Fedora and open source.

Michal Cyprian

Ladislav Dobrovsky

Ladislav Dobrovsky (CZ)

My experience with Python is ranging from web development to embedding interpreter into C++, GUI developement with PySide (Qt) and OpenGL graphics. I am working as programmer at Brno University of Technology Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. And I am a passionate game development hobbyist.

Peter Fedoročko (SK)

Peter is data analytics expert with more then 8 years of experience in software development and data analysis. During his career, Peter has worked and consulted for both large international corporations and startups in Prague, San Francisco, Chicago and Singapore. In 2015 he designed and developed software that can identify and explain all important situations in any business data and which received $600k in seed financing. Currently, he leads product, engineering and data science team in his firm Stories.

Peter Fedoročko

​Honza ​Grec

​Honza ​Grec (CZ)

​Python programmer since 2022; 5% thinker, 10% programmer, 85% bugfixer; After two terminated universities currently warming up chair in automation team at;

Michala Gulášová (SK)

Som študentkou 1. ročníka PhD štúdia na STU FEI so zameraním na bezpečnosť informačných systémov. Pythonu sa venujem v škole aj v práci ako Junior Software Engineer. Rada sa učím nové veci a odovzdávam svoje poznatky ďalej.

Michala Gulášová

Ján Guniš

Ján Guniš (SK)

Pracuje na Prírodovedeckej fakulte UPJŠ v Košiciach. Venuje sa výučbe programovania na strednej a vysokej škole, výskumu v oblasti programovania pre začiatočníkov, implementácii aktivizujúcich metód a bádateľského prístupu do vyučovania informatiky, resp. programovania. Od 2005 je spoluorganizátorom online programátorskej súťaže PALMA junior a Klubu učiteľov informatiky. Okrem ľudí má rád programovanie a vysokohorskú turistiku.

Jana Gutierrez Chvalkovska (CZ)

Jana Chvalkovská graduated from Charles University in law and economics, worked for 7 years as management consultant for both public and private sector entities. Her last project brought her to VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP where she took fro 2 years the role of HR director. Jana currently works in Red Hat as senior HR manager, where she cares for more than 1000 Red Hatters in the region of Eastern Europe. She is a founder of public data anti-corruption NGO Econlab.

Jana Gutierrez Chvalkovska

Peter Hanečák

Peter Hanečák (SK)

Peter is interested and active in many things Open - Open Source and Open Data having prominent attention. He is working as an IT consultant and contributes some of his time to NGOs and initiatives like, and Slovensko.Digital . Peter is married with two children and is very fond of hiking in mountains, tasty food and beautiful music of various genres.

Michal Hanula (CH)

After twelve years of exciting sysadmin and network work at various small companies I ended up at being an SRE at Google. Most of my work is in large-scale monitoring.

Michal Hanula

Adrian Holovaty

Adrian Holovaty (US)

Adrian is co-creator and former co-BDFL of the Django web framework. He was working as a developer at an American newspaper when the team decided to open-source their homegrown collection of web development tools. These days he's making Soundslice, a web-based music education tool. Originally from Chicago, he now lives in Amsterdam.

Slavomir Hudak (SK)

Slavomir Hudak is Software Engineer and Agile Evangelist who is interested in architecting modern applications and coordinating nerds from different areas to deliver first class product. He worked with multiple technologies in different environments (both windows and linux) and tries not to be coupled with any specific technology. Rather he prefers to use right tool for the right job. Lately also digging into Agile project management and finding ways how to transform existing models to more appropriate standards. He is interested in mentoring and likes to open doors for young blood in the field. He is fan on design patterns, Martin Fowler and Anders Hejlsberg. He is currently busy as sw dev team lead for National Bank of Slovakia. Previously worked at IBM, bwin, small startup and in the evening as his kids permits playing with few pet projects you can find on github.

Slavomir Hudak

Katharine Jarmul

Katharine Jarmul (DE)

Katharine Jarmul is a pythonista and lover of all things Unix. She runs a data consulting company called Kjamistan in Berlin, Germany and loves to rant about data analysis, natural language processing, ethical machine learning and automation workflows. When she's not ranting, she's likely cooking or maybe taking photos, or quite possibly reading and retweeting other rants on Twitter.

Elisa Jasinska (PL)

Elisa Jasinska has been automating large-scale networks for almost 10 years. She started her career at AMS-IX and was later involved in setting up various other Internet Exchanges. She implemented numerous traffic accounting and automation solutions for Internet Exchanges and CDN’s, she is actively involved in the Internet community and regularly presents at conferences such as NANOG and RIPE.

Elisa Jasinska

Honza Javorek

Honza Javorek (CZ)

I can't fix printers and I suck at math. I compensate it by writing long texts and being talkative. Since my friends didn't want to listen to me anymore, I started religious meetups where people adore me and think I'm saying smart things. We spread our belief by helping innocent people to learn programming. In Apiary (acquired by Oracle) I'm a maintainer of Dredd, open source HTTP API testing framework. I'm focusing on learning how to become a successful leader of an Open Source project.

Horst JENS (AT)

born 1970 still alive grow up with commodore 64 discovered python 2005 live by teaching python since 2006: founded afternoon coding teaching for children 2006 (Vienna, Austria) working exclusive with free software / open-source since then wrote tutorials about pygame in 2006

Horst JENS

Ivan Kalaš

Ivan Kalaš (SK)

Ivan Kalaš je profesorom vyučovania informatiky na Fakulte matematiky, fyziky a informatiky UK v Bratislave a od roku 2013 aj hosťujúcim profesorom na UCL Knowledge Lab v Londýne. Jeho profesionálne záujmy zahŕňajú výskum a vývoj softvérových vzdelávacích prostredí pre vyučovanie edukačného programovania žiakov základných a stredných škôl a vplyvu digitálnych technológií na učenie sa. Ivan je spoluautorom softvérových prostredí Comenius Logo, Imagine Logo, Cirkus šaša Tomáša a RNA (Revelation Natural Arts), ktoré používali alebo používajú žiaci mnohých škôl v rôznych krajinách sveta. Je tiež autorom alebo spoluautorom viacerých učebníc a kníh o programovaní pre deti, žiakov a učiteľov. Je spoluriešiteľom viacerých národných a medzinárodných iniciatív a projektov, spolupracuje s UNESCO a zastupuje Slovensko v Technickom výbo­re IFIP pre vzdelávanie. V rokoch 2008 až 2013 bol člnom medzinárodného zboru poradcov spoločnosti Microsoft pre program Partners in Learning. Od roku 2014 vedie vývoj vzdelávacieho obsahu pre programovanie žiakov v 5. a 6. tried v Anglicku.

Michal Kaukič (SK)

Je vyslúžilým učiteľom na Žilinskej univerzite. Pôvodne vzdelaním matematik, postupne sa dopracoval k počítačom ako prostriedku pre názornú interpretáciu "suchých vzorcov", bezuzdné experimentovanie a tiež prostriedku na rozvíjanie myslenia. Zakotvil u jazyka Python, pretože tento jazyk nemôže nebyť blízky srdcu matematika. V posledných pár rokoch ho zaujali hlavne možnosti Jupyter notebookov a prudký vývoj v tejto oblasti.

Michal Kaukič

Jozef Képesi

Jozef Képesi (SK)

CTO at, one of the fastest growing companies on this planet, aiming to become the nr. 1 in the travel industry.

Jožo Kováč (SK)

Ak potrebujete v tomto regióne hovoriť s niekým, kto sa rozumie firemným dátam, idete sa porozprávať s Jožom Kováčom. Jožo vyštudoval umelú inteligenciu a pracoval s dátami viac ako 10 rokov ako analytický konzultant a produktový manažér. Roky pracoval pre IBM a Adastru na BI a data mining projektoch na Slovensku aj v zahraničí. Potom sa rozhodol sa založiť vlastnú analytickú spoločnosť, 7Segments. Tá dala impulz k zrodu firmy, ktorá dnes ašpiruje byť najinovatívnejším marketing cloudom na svete. Pod názvom Exponea teraz slúži klientom na 5 kontinentoch.

Jožo Kováč

Peter Kučera

Peter Kučera (SK)

Viac ako 15 rokov je učiteľom informatiky na 1. súkromnom gymnáziu v Bratislave. Je členom predmetovej komisie informatiky pri Štátnom pedagogickom ústave. Vytvoril učebnicu Programujeme v Pythone spolu s Príručkou pre učiteľa a e-knihou Testy k učebnici. Vedie Klub učiteľov informatiky v rámci ktorého realizuje školenia jazyka Python pre učiteľov. Na praxi pripravuje študentov učiteľstva informatiky (fakultný učiteľ FMFI UK).

Jeff Lambert (US)

I am a creative and self-motivated person, who is always looking to improve in every direction. I build companies and bring ideas into reality. I moved to Europe from California in 2008, and over the years I have worked in various industries, allowing me to fully understand a wide-range of international clients and their cultures from many angles. In Munich I built a tour company from the ground up using online marketing; websites, applications, and now run Jeffinko.Guru, a global internet consultancy. As a consultant, I help others bring their ideas to life by providing them with support in: social media, marketing, web and graphic design, development and business growth.

Jeff Lambert

Pawel Lewtak

Pawel Lewtak (PL)

Developer with 8 years of experience with backend systems. Created them from scratch by starting with analysis and writing specification up to deployment on production. Working mainly with Python, PHP and MySQL, elastic search and other technologies. Big fan and evangelist of continuous learning, organizer of many coding dojo sessions.

Marek Mansell (SK)

Marek je študentom Gymnázia Jura Hronca a venuje sa navrhovaniu elektronických komponentov a ich programovaniu. Podieľal sa na viacerých zaujímavých projektoch, ako je napríklad startup s elektronickými pomôckami pre nevidiacich, inteligentná automatizácia budovy či výroba LED panelov do televíznych štúdií. Výhody Pythonu a krásu hardvéru chce naučiť vidieť aj ostatných, preto začal organizovať MicroPython workshopy.

Marek Mansell

Jan Margeta

Jan Margeta (SK)

Jan is the founder of KardioMe, a Python aficionado, and a white water kayaker. He did his PhD in machine learning for automated medical image analysis at Inria Sophia Antipolis and MINES ParisTech and a joint master in computer vision and robotics ( Now, he is putting all the research experience into real-world use to improve how we treat cardiac diseases. Jan is passionate about using technology to push the boundaries of human knowledge, teaching computers to see, solving hard challenges with data, and making our planet a sustainable place.

Eva Mészárosová (SK)

Eva je študentkou doktorandského štúdia na Fakulte matematiky, fyziky a informatiky Univerzity Komenského v Bratislave. Vo svojom výskume sa venuje problematike vyučovania programovania v jazyku Python pre stredné školy. Vedie cvičenia programovania v jazyku Python na FMFI a pôsobí ako učiteľ programovania aj na Gymnáziu Jura Hronca. Je hlavná organizátorka sekcie pre učiteľov na PyCon SK 2017.

Eva Mészárosová

Michal Petrucha

Michal Petrucha (SK)

I'm a fellow lucky enough to be working with Python full-time, occasionally contributing to Django and other OSS projects. I sometimes spend an inappropriate amount of time hanging out on IRC in #django, trying to improve my skills by trying to help people who encounter interesting problems. I'm also a hobbyist sysadmin and infosec nerd. When I'm not sitting at a computer, I practice a traditional Okinawan martial art called kobudo.

Fridolín Pokorný (CZ)

Fridolín Pokorný is a fresh graduate working as associate software engineer at Red Hat. His previous focus was on reverse engineering and security, now he works on distributed systems at Red Hat.

Fridolín Pokorný

Kristi Progri

Kristi Progri (AL)

Kristi is Chairwoman of Open Labs Hackerspace, a community in Tirana, Albania dedicated to everything Free & Open Source. She is currently a Mozilla Tech Speaker and Intern as part of the Outreachy program which aims to offer opportunities to underrepresented groups in Open Source communities. As part of the organizer team, Kristi has helped shape the OSCAL conference throughout the past years and continues to do so. She has finished her studies in International Affairs & Diplomacy and advocates for the importance of decentralized technology in today’s age. Furthermore, she is also an author on SitePoint.

Pavol Rusnak (SK)

Pavol Rusnák, otherwise known as “Stick,” is Co-Founder and CTO of SatoshiLabs. Pavol is deeply involved in the development of sophisticated software and hardware projects such as TREZOR, where he is the core developer and cryptographer. Pavol is a highly regarded security expert and privacy activist and has been invited to speak at biggest technology oriented events such as Chaos Communication Congress, FOSDEM or LinuxTag. Pavol graduated from Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, majoring in Database Systems, with special emphasis on distributed systems. Along with his work, Pavol is Wizard for pebe/lab, where he works on hi-tech experimental, new media interactive installations. Pavol has also served as a board member of openSUSE Project and as a three-time mentor/administrator for the Google Summer of Code.

Pavol Rusnak

Lasse Schuirmann

Lasse Schuirmann (DE)

Lasse Schuirmann is a freelance software developer who cares passionately about open source, collaboratively developed software. After he was awarded the Google Summer of Code sholarship, he began mentoring several students while administering the GSoC program for the GNOME organization. Currently he spends most of his time maintaining and developing his open source project coala to help developers improving their code quality without hassle. The coala project group has almost 200 contributors and is present at conferences all around the world. In his spare time, Lasse forges high quality (mostly python) software and conducts workshops for clients of his company Viper Development (, pursues a master degree in Computer Science, develops GitMate (, a hand crafted piece of software that supports developers during their whole workflow, and talks and performs workshops at conferences around the globe.

Pavel Serbajlo (SK)

Pavel was a technical co-founder of, a startup acquired by GoDaddy, the world's largest domain name registrar and web hosting provider. He joined GoDaddy as a Director of Mobile Technology, leading the development of various mobile-first products and services there. After his return from Silicon Valley, Pavel has joined Exponea as a CTO, leading the tech aspect of its rapid growth.

Pavel Serbajlo

Yian Shang

Yian Shang (DE)

Yian Shang is a Data Infrastructure Engineer at Vox Media, Inc., one of the largest online media networks in the United States. After graduating from the CS program at UC Berkeley, she worked on data mining analysis in Uganda at the Grameen Foundation and streaming data pipeline augmentation at Marin Software before joining Vox in 2015. She currently resides in Berlin, where she's working her way through the city's many culinary delights.

Ľubomír Šnajder (SK)

Pôsobí na Prírodovedeckej fakulte UPJŠ v Košiciach. Profesionálne sa venuje výučbe a výskumu vyučovania informatiky, hlavne bádateľským prístupom výučby informatiky a edukačným programovacím prostrediam. Je spoluautorom tematických zošitov pre stredné školy so zameraním na prácu s internetom, multimédiami a tabuľkami. Od roku 2005 spoluorganizuje online programátorskú súťaž PALMA junior. Od roku 2001 na UPJŠ v Košiciach spoluorganizuje neformálne vzdelávanie – Klub učiteľov informatiky, v ostatných troch školských rokoch je obsahom vybraných stretnutí klubu aj problematika vyučovania programovania v jazyku Python.

Ľubomír Šnajder

Andrii Soldatenko

Andrii Soldatenko (UA)

My name is Andrii Soldatenko and I like testing and programming. I’m CTO in Ethoos. Also I’m working as Senior Python Backend Developer via toptal under social network. I boast expertise as a Python and Golang developer with strong hard and soft skills. I have deep knowledge of automated-testing and really understands how to assess and improve project quality. I like to solve difficult tasks, algorithms and take part in sport programming contests. I’m also interested in databases and unix based operating systems and has fallen in love with natural language processing and text mining.

Bhargav Srinivasa Desikan (FR)

My name is Bhargav Srinivasa Desikan, a student researcher currently working at INRIA Lille, France. My team is called MODAL (Models Of Data Analysis and Learning), and I work in the fields of Metric Learning and Predictor Aggregation. My work is largely in Python, and is open source. When I am not working, I am usually contributing to open source - especially in the fields of scientific computing. I am a regular contributor to Gensim, metric-learn, and have also contributed to spaCy and Edward. I was selected to participate in Google Summer of Code 2016 with Gensim, where I implemented Dynamic Topic Models. I hope to use the avenue of PyCon Slovakia to further spread the usage of Gensim and other python data analysis tools!

Bhargav Srinivasa Desikan

Martin Strýček

Martin Strýček (SK)

Martin has led development teams at Piano Media - a world leading media pay-wall solution) and helped the company grow into one of the global leaders in online subscription monetisation solutions. During his career, he gained a vast experience through roles such as - in-house developer, chief architect, systems integration director or independent consultant in companies such as Ringier Axel Springer or RSD. Currently, he is responsible for management of a team of top-notch SW developers and scaling of a big data infrastructure.

Jan Suchal (SK)

Jano Suchal is the co-founder of Slovensko.Digital and activist in the field of government IT as well as programmer, father and former rafter. He studied IT and artificial inteligence and likes to dig into public data. In his free time, Jano started to review government IT contracts and compared them to those of other countries. He was so upset about what he found, that he, along with five other enthusiasts, founded a non-profit called Slovensko.Digital. They have been trying to improve digital service of the government and guard the millions that flow through it.

Jan Suchal

Miroslav Suchý

Miroslav Suchý (CZ)

Miroslav Suchý začal programovat už v minulém tisíciletí. 10 let pracuje v Red Hatu. A poslední 3 roky zkouší učit programovat své dvě vlastní děti a pár desítek dětí v Brně.

Valdemar Švábenský (SK)

Award-winning Python teacher. I've been doing private math lessons since the age of 11 and started teaching at Masaryk University 10 years later. Finding joy in exploring active learning and student-centered methods, I receive excellent feedback and results from my students. In my free time, I travel, play guitar, do boxing, and create educational videos.

Valdemar Švábenský

Zuzana Tkáčová

Zuzana Tkáčová (SK)

Je učiteľkou informatiky s viac ako 15-ročnou praxou na ZŠ aj SŠ – z toho posledných 7 rokov vyučuje programovanie v Pythone. V súčasnosti pracuje na Prírodovedeckej fakulte UPJŠ v Košiciach, kde sa venuje inovatívnym prístupom vo vyučovaní informatiky. Hlavnú oblasť jej záujmu predstavuje physical computing a creative computing. Ako doktorandka na Pedagogickej fakulte UKF v Nitre sa zaoberá problematikou zážitkového vyučovania vo výučbe technických a informatických predmetov. Zuzana vedie vzdelávacie kurzy a workshopy pre učiteľov aj pre žiakov a aktívne sa angažuje v projekte Aj Ty v IT s cieľom podpory a motivácie dievčat pre štúdium informatiky.

Michal Toman (SK)

Michal is a Fedora contributor. After having worked on ABRT (Automatic Bug Reporting Tool) as well as PowerPC and IBM ESA/390 ports of the operating system, he is now bringing Fedora MIPS back to life.

Michal Toman

Matuš Valo

Matuš Valo (SK)

Je softvérový inžinier v Ness KE kde pracuje na backendových riešeniach pre firmu Solar Turbines. S Pythonom sa prvýkrát stretol počas štúdia na univerzite a odvtedy je to jeho primárny programovací jazyk. Okrem Pythonu je nadšencom Linuxu a Open Source. Svoj voľný čas rád trávi s rodinou.

Philo van Kemenade (NL)

Philo van Kemenade helps people better express themselves in the dynamic medium through stories, tools and things in between. He works at [lab.SNG]( where he helps the Slovak National Gallery explore and invent digital technology to help connect people to art. Philo is founding member of [Unfold](, a design studio that facilitates interaction that bridges digital and physical space. He is the initiator behind [Popathon](, an international series of hack jam events bringing together a multidisciplinary community of storytelling professionals who use the web as their medium.

Philo van Kemenade

Michal Vašíček

Michal Vašíček (CZ)

I'm Michal, young student, web developer, localizer and #mozillian. I'm trying to make world a better place, but they don't want to give me a source code. In my free time, I'm playing with Python and small smart things like ESP8266 and Arduino.

Petr Viktorin (CZ)

During the day, Petr helps maintain Python in Fedora. In the evenings, he likes to teach Python to others. If he had a time machine, he'd use it to make more time for actual coding.

Petr Viktorin

Jaroslav Výbošťok

Jaroslav Výbošťok (SK)

Jaroslav už vyše 10 rokov vyučuje informatiku a semináre z informatiky pre maturantov na Gymnáziu Jura Hronca v Bratislave. Pred tromi rokmi začal vo vyučovaní namiesto jazyka Pascal používať jazyk Python. Na praxi pripravuje študentov učiteľstva informatiky (fakultný učiteľ FMFI UK).

Chris Ward (DE)

I explain cool tech to the World. I am a Technical Writer for @contentful and blogger. I have crazy projects in progress and will speak to anyone who listens.

Chris Ward

Rachel Willmer

Rachel Willmer (GB)

Rachel is a entrepreneur and full-stack developer who enjoys developing complicated distributed software. She first joined the Internet in 1986 and has since has worked on CAD, networking, cryptography, digital cash, ebooks and price comparison products. Rachel is the founder of Luzme, the world's best ebook price comparison website, which sends price alerts on your watchlist. Originally built with Django/Python, this now includes a new front-end stack based on AngularJS/Firebase. As the founder of Intertrader in 1995, Rachel created a dotcom company aiming to create the world's first digital cash exchange. After surviving 8 years of dotcom boom-and-bust, and after successfully selling the concept to major customers like Mastercard, CREST and Bank of Scotland, she eventually learnt that being 20 years ahead of the market was not necessarily a Good Thing and closed the company. She then worked with Ben Laurie on the OpenPGP::API open source cryptography library, moving on the BBC where she worked on one of the world's top 10 largest CouchDB installations. Rachel is active in the technology and startups communities, with a particular interest in new technologies and companies. She studied Engineering Science at the University of Durham. She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and is learning to play jazz upright bass.

Tibor Zavadil (SK)

I studied at several universities in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, France and The Netherlands, from which I hold four Master degrees in Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics and Econometrics. After obtaining my PhD in Applied Economics at the VU University in Amsterdam, I continued as a post-doctoral researcher at the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan in Paris. Then I worked as a senior researcher at the National Bank of Slovakia, where I was responsible for the Household Finance and Consumption Survey. Currently I work as a data scientist at the Zurich Insurance, analysing huge amounts of various data by means of machine-learning techniques.

Tibor Zavadil

Peter Zvirinský

Peter Zvirinský (SK)ý-6422b452

I am a ML engineer interested in solving hard problems with simple models (currently at CEAI). I worked three years as a machine learning engineer at on ad ranking, CTR prediction and behavioral targeting. I was using probabilistic data structures and technologies such as as Hadoop/Scalding, Hive and Spark to solve large scale ML problems. I have more than 5 years of engineering experience overall, mostly in Java/Scala/Python. Lastly, I am doing my PhD in Theoretical Computer Science on Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. My main area of interest is mainly graph theory and social network analysis. For the practical contributions of my work I received the Czech Journalist Award 2013 in category Google Award for Young Data Journalists.